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One of the key tenets of PRANA is the belief that self-development comes from within. Once we achieve an understanding of ourselves, we may then learn to understand other people and their opinions, leading to productive and collaborative personal and professional relationships that drive us towards our mutual goals.

Here are some of the concepts that make up PRANA’s philosophy of growth:

  1. Transformed People Transform People True change is something that is passed from person to person. Understanding of ourselves can lead to understanding of others, which is crucial in making everyone feel part of the team. This sense of belonging can lead to more honest and productive exchanges of opinion, creating a culture of collaboration.

  2. Experiential Learning PRANA’s methods revolve around creating the ideal activity and atmosphere to encourage involvement. We don’t believe in one-sided lectures, instead choosing activities that promote the exchange of ideas and experiences, giving people a chance to work and bond with each other.

  3. Synergy From Self-Awareness We believe that most conflicts that arise from the difference of opinions actually stems from a lack of understanding in ourselves. This makes it difficult for us express our thoughts effectively, leading to misunderstandings and arguments. By first understanding ourselves, we can extend that to others, allowing us to accept our differences and look past them.

  4. EQ Solution Self-improvement can be achieved in a number of ways. But at PRANA, we focus on the emotional side of the brain, using symbols and images to stimulate our right hemisphere and expand our imagination. This can open up new possibilities, as well as give us the chance to learn interesting and unexpected things about each other.

  5. Fusion Solution PRANA’s self-improvement solution is a combination of many sources and concepts, and can be adapted to be used in a variety of contexts. It is made up of knowledge and practices old and new, such as the Enneagram, Satir and left-right hemisphere stimulation, creating an enjoyable and flexible guideline for improvement at both personal and organizational levels.

  6. Originality Every method, curriculum, and tool involved in the process is researched, developed and refined by PRANA. Our main tool, the CLUE KIT, can be used in a host of varied activities, creating a smooth, enjoyable and productive experience. All of our tools, including the various Templates, are also designed to be used by anyone.
    PRANA has also filed a trademark for our ABCDE Template method, which guides participants on a conversational journey. Starting from A (Aspiration) and ending with E (Empower), the Template begins by identifying what we want, before taking us through the steps to find a possible solution that can be acted upon after the session. You can read more about it HERE.



PRANA believes in the power of experiential learning, or listening, engaging and creatively contributing to deep, honest conversations to create understanding of yourself and others, which in turn leads to connection and collaboration. This is done through the interpretation of images, words and questions, in order to uncover ways towards collaboration and sustainable growth.

Our model is divided into three main parts:


1. CLUE KIT : Dialogue Card Game

The card game that encourages conversation and better relationships. Useful in team environments and alone, the kit is designed to help improve understanding and relationships among friends, families, and colleagues alike. You can also expand the experience through the use of various guide Templates. Find out more→


2. Public Training

Open to all applicants, this special training course is designed to encourage better understanding of yourself and those around you. Exchange ideas in deep and meaningful conversations to improve relationships in your family, friends, or workplace.

PRANA believes in experiential learning. Our methods are a combination of various sources and concepts, such as Enneagram, Coaching, Satir, and left-right brain stimulation. The course will teach you how to best make use the CLUE KIT, from beginner to advanced techniques. Find out more→


3. Corporate Training

This training course, designed by PRANA, aims to promote synergy and relieve conflicts. Adapted for each individual corporation’s culture, the course draws from a variety of sources and practices around the world.

Traditionally, employee development courses tend to revolve around lectures and workshops, which are passive, un-stimulating, and often difficult to apply in real life. Skills and knowledge can only go so far if the team members don’t understand or collaborate with each other. Only through taking action can we achieve real change. Find out more→

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Used with the CLUE KIT card sets, the ABCDE Model is designed to create a conversational journey by guiding users through well-defined topics. Follow the steps on the Template to find the best solution to your problems.

The model help inspire its players to achieve progress, as well as new goals and possibilities. The template promotes Goal Oriented Thinking, letting players imagine themselves at the finish line and tracing their steps back to the present. On the way, users can discuss the possible solutions to existing hurdles, gaining the inspiration to make their plans a reality.


The PRANA developed and trademarked ABCDE Model is designed to help encourage problem solving through conversations. Discover hidden or forgotten talents to create true change.

The Template guides users through the five key points from A to E, as follows:

A. Aspiration Changes you want to explore and/or goals you wish to achieve

B. Baseline The state of your life right now

C. Choice Things you can do to get closer to your goal

D. Decision Out of the choices in C, choose an option that will move you from your baseline

E. Empower Potential motivations that can support your journey


  • Coaching Ideal for coaching and self-development

  • Therapy Mend mental wounds through conversation

  • Self Discovery Better arrange your thoughts for effective self-reflection

  • Human Resources Understand the potential, drive and desires of employees

  • Self Motivation or Group Empowerment  Inspire yourself and those around you towards growth

  • Decision Making Explore forgotten or unconsidered alternatives to make the best decision




PRANA is founded by Priabpran Punyabukkana (Moo), a professional with 15 years of experience working on strategic business planning at Kasikorn Bank. Since then, Priabpran has traveled to Singapore, Australia, USA, Germany and various other countries to spend over 3000 hours studying the various methods and practices involved with self-improvement.

At PRANA, we believe that the key to understanding others is to first understand ourselves. Once we have achieved that, we can then work on improving our understanding and relationships with others, be it with family, friends, or colleagues. This is achieved through deep and meaningful conversations about things we may have never spoken about, while listening to others thoughts without judgement.

To that end, PRANA has developed various activities and games that are enjoyable and flexible. There are no winners and losers, only the opportunity for the meaningful exchange of thoughts. Our games are also designed to stimulate subconscious thoughts and imagination, opening the doors to new possibilities and forgotten aspirations. We believe everyone can think creatively and productively when given the space to relax and be themselves.

The CLUE KIT is the product of our desire for all of us to understand each other better. The game is inspired by the Israeli card game Points of You, a conversational card game designed to strengthen inter-organizational communication and relationships. Building on this concept, the CLUE KIT is the result of combining knowledge from researched methods like Enneagram, which helps improve understanding of ourself and others, as well as concepts in Coaching designed to inspire people towards self-improvement.  

The CLUE KIT is easy to use, and is flexible enough to be used in many different situations. It can be played with family members, colleagues, therapy patients, or even be used in a variety of inter-organizational activities. You can even use the cards and concepts to design activities tailored to your own use.