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Self Discovery

A chance to take a good look inside your own mind to hone your sense of identity, the first step to developing a better understanding of others.

Deep Conversation

Deep, honest conversations can help mend internal scars for the speaker, while also giving the listener a better understanding of those around them.


Strengthen relationships with friends, family or colleagues by working together to overcome and accept each other’s differences.



CLUE KIT: Dialogue Card Game


The card game that brings you closer to those around you through conversation.

An insightful way to have better interactions with friends, family and colleagues. There are no wrong answers, no winners or losers. It’s a game of collaboration, where everyone is encouraged listen to each other’s thoughts.




Public Training

Corporate Training

For sustainable growth on the team and/or organizational level


We at PRANA believe in the concept of Experiential Learning. Through listening and engaging in creative conversations, we hope you will achieve a better, deeper understanding of yourself and those around you. Our products are designed to create an atmosphere of collaboration, so you may better get to know each other’s thoughts and inspirations.



Empower yourself towards new inspirations, goals and possibilities

This trademarked Template is developed by PRANA to be used with the CLUE KIT Deluxe and Delight sets. It is designed to create inspiration, ideal for professional coaching or self discovery. Discover forgotten or overlooked perspectives to achieve progress towards your goals.




Serina Tanaka
Business Owner / Gen Y

The CLUE Kit is a valuable tool in Coaching, as I won’t have to worry about what to ask next, allowing me to focus on being a listener, understanding both the things they do and don’t say.

Theerawan Jiwjinda
Executive / Gen X

I didn’t expect that these normal pictures would actually help us communicate better. It’s amazing! Learn, gain new perspectives, and find out the inner thoughts of yourself and others.

Angkanaluk Chongchit
Trainer & Coach / Gen X

The set helps bring out your true inner feelings. I enjoy this set greatly, and have used it in various occasions. Each set contains images, words, and questions that help you crystallize your thoughts.



At PRANA, we believe that everyone deserves a space that allows them to creatively seek out the possibilities for self development. PRANA has developed various fun, flexible activities that promote better understanding of the self and others through quality conversation. There are no right wrong answers, only the chance to listen, learn and apply your creativity to discovering new possibilities for progress and collaboration.