When was the last time you had a real conversation with someone?

CLUE KIT is a fun, game-based way to deepen conversations, meet challenges, create new relationships, provoke new learning and spark change.

CLUE KIT provides an innovative framework within which individuals, teams, organizations, families and communities learn to LISTEN, ENGAGE, CREATE, and DEEPEN CONVERSATIONS that promote greater connection and better understanding.

Using visual and word cues and custom-designed templates, anyone can have clear, authentic, and more meaningful connected experiences.



Why do we need a game to talk to each other?

The modern world is a fast-moving and superficial place. In the age of connections, why are humans more isolated than ever before? Why do others do the things we disagree with? Genuine human connections are something we all deserve, and it shouldn’t be as difficult as it is.



The people around you are filled with fascinating nuances waiting to be discovered, though it can be difficult to strike up a conversation. Making a game out of it removes the pressure, allowing for more meaningful chances to know each other better.



Included in the game are question, word, and picture cards designed to stimulate the exchange of perspectives and spur new inspirations.



Become more intimate with family and friends through the power of deep conversation. Learn to empathize with each other despite our differences to strengthen your bonds.