PRANA is dedicated to designing activities that promote self-reflection through deep, poignant conversations, to create understanding about the self and others, creating productive relationships with friends, family, and colleagues.

PRANA’s training courses are open for all. Through our experiential learning process, come and share your experiences with others while expanding your own thinking from others’ thoughts. Our classes also utilize our CLUE KIT card games, to ensure equal participation, enjoyment, and productivity for all our attendants.

Additionally, you can also learn more about how to get the most out of your own CLUE KIT sets and Templates. With this knowledge, tailor your own CLUE KIT experience to fit your specific needs, from psycho-therapy to organizational bonding activities.


Intro to CLUE KIT

A hands-on beginner’s course on how to use the CLUE KIT sets. Come learn the rules and play a few sample games under your belt to get a better picture of how to play. Get a deeper understanding of what the CLUE KIT can really offer, as well as ways you can build upon the game.


  • 12-24 Participants

  • 1 day course

  • Learn how to use the CLUE KIT, be it for playing alone, in groups, or even large-scale, organizational-level activities.

  • Ideal for those looking to use the CLUE KIT in expanded ways, from Coaching, counseling, human-resources, and more.

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CLUE KIT Facilitator Certification

An intermediate-level course for those looking to utilize the CLUE KIT in their own personalized ways. Participants are required to first complete the Intro to CLUE KIT course. Understand the deep intricacies of the sets to best learn how to use them in self-designed activities that fit the context of your needs.


  • 6-12 participants

  • 4 day course

  • An in-depth look at the sets for use in professional settings. Appropriate for a variety of fields and contexts.

  • Learn how to interpret the image, word, and question cards in a deeper manner.

  • Ideal for those looking to use the CLUE KIT in highly specialized ways, from Coaching, counseling, human-resources, and more.

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The Journey Begin

This 2-day course is designed to teach the basics of understanding yourself and others, using the concept of the Enneagram, while also learning ways to break free from the limits of your own personality types. Learn to accept the differences in people, creating the self-awareness to see your own strengths and weaknesses.



  • 15-25 Participants

  • 2 day course

  • Join the course to understand yourself and others better. Improve your relationships with those around you. Appropriate for people of all ages and careers.

  • Learn the basics of the Enneagram to understand your own personality type.

  • Learn the limitations of each personality type, in order to determine how to step past them and progress.

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Future Training

Aside from the uses detailed above, PRANA has also determined various other ways to utilize the CLUE KIT set, such as:

CLUE KIT and Therapy
This course specifically trains participants in using the CLUE KIT for therapy. Therapists may use the cards to better keep track of thoughts and conversations, allowing for a more flowing and focused session. The Template also acts in the same way, allowing both patient and therapist to focus on listening to each other.

CLUE KIT and Children
This course is ideal for learning to use the CLUE Kit in a school setting, be it with students, parents, or teachers, as well as any conflicts that arise from a generation gap. The game is designed to be fun, with no losers or wrong answers, allowing for a more candid and productive conversation that promotes understanding.