With extensive experience counseling various corporations, PRANA promotes better inter-organizational relationships and sustainable growth through self-exploration and deep conversation, to inspire better collaboration and acceptance.

PRANA methods also differ from others as follows:

Everyone gets to participate. There are no lectures, only the chance to gain experience through action.

Focuses on developing the right side of the brain, removing any limiting factors for creativity.

Each course can be tailored to fit the specific contexts of each organization. We only utilize our own trademarked methods, and therefore can revise it freely.

Allows participants to understand their current selves, before expanding to understanding others

Promotes synergy and collaboration by improving relationships among co-workers.


Change and progress can be achieved in two ways: Triggering, which is to inspire and empower people towards action, and Momentum, which involves building on past achievements for continuous growth.


Trigger Effect

Inspiration is the first step towards productive growth. We begin by encouraging participants to find self acceptance, as well as their own potential, in order to achieve self-acceptance. Participants can also explore their own strengths and weaknesses, to better guide them towards progress.


The three steps include:

1. Engagement - Personal Mastery

Focuses on understanding the ourselves and others, which is a strong foundation for growth. Become more empathic, and discover your own strengths and weaknesses to achieve a better understanding and coexistence through self-awareness and the sharing of thoughts.

Each engagement building course can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs, as we only utilize our own trademarked methods, and therefore can revise it freely. For example:

  • Transformative Engagement (3 days) to achieve productive change
  • Collaboration (1 day) for better collaboration

2. Coaching - Team Mastery

Learn how to be an inspiring and motivating force for others. To be a leader is to be the team’s coach; you must learn how to help others achieve their potential, whether it be employees, colleagues, or yourself. Learn to create an environment of collaboration to create a stronger team.


3. Empowerment - Leadership

PRANA believes that a good leader must be a role model for their team, as well as the wider organization around them. Leaders should create an atmosphere of curiosity for employees, to promote learning and self-driven growth. Learn how to guide your team towards the future together.


Momentum Effect


The Momentum Effect involves learning about how to act upon your inspirations, to achieve self-awareness and improvement. The effect can be achieved in a number of ways, and the course will monitor participants’ progress to create tangible growth. The course also offers advice for long-term, sustainable growth.


Made up of 3 concepts:

1. Networking

Focuses on long-term change in the organization. Involves 4 days of training, as well as a post-training evaluation over time.

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2. Group Coach

A small coaching session for 4-8 people which regularly meet. Each session lasts for 3 hours, and will take place over 3-6 months. The course is designed to improve leadership skills, and will allow you to break free from old ways of thinking. It is a mixture of one-on-one and group coaching, to stimulate self and mutual reflection. Become closer to your colleagues or partners, for a more productive collaboration.


3. Executive Coach

A one-on-one coaching course, requiring regular one-hour sessions over 3-6 months. PRANA will tailor each session to meet the needs of the client, be it for self-improvement or leadership training. link to PDF


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