Corporate Training

Unlocking the Synergy From Within

PRANA fosters organizational collaboration through self-discovery and non judgemental deep conversation. We believe appreciation of diversity strengthen relationship, paving way to self and organisation development.

Our Approach

Our Approach is flexible and can be adapt to fit organizations of any sizes and styles

– Experiential Learning We create ideal activities and inclusive atmosphere that trigger the will to change.

– EQ Solution We opens the new potentials and the path to personal and professional growth.

– Fusion Solution We use a blend of multi-approached and design enjoyable and customised programs.

– Originality We develop our own method and tools from extensive experiences to facilitate smooth, fun, and relevant sessions. LEARN MORE

True change from within

From stronger relationship and personal growth towards improved communication and self-mastery


Inspiration is the first step towards productive growth. We begin by encouraging participants to find self acceptance, as well as their own potential, in order to achieve self-acceptance. Participants can also explore their own strengths and weaknesses, to better guide them towards progress.

The Collaboration

Relationship and Team-building

Understand the self and others, nonjudgemental listening, sharing perspectives and feeling without barriers, a tool for better personal and professional connections and changes.

The Transformation

Unlocking the synergy From within

Discover nine Enneagram archetypes, each type’s strength, weakness, and values. Understand diversities and how to synergies the differences for personal and professional growth.

Momentum Effect

The Momentum Effect involves learning about how to act upon your inspirations, to achieve self-awareness and improvement. The effect can be achieved in a number of ways, and the course will monitor participants’ progress to create tangible growth. The course also offers advice for long-term, sustainable growth.


Meaningful conversations and deeper insights

A practical program to engage and embrace an organisation’s core value, facilitated by CLUE KIT® and Templates for a concrete, intimate, engaging, and enjoyable conversations.


New leadership for intergenerational workplaces

An innovative recipient-centric approach for constructive feedback giving, relying on heart-toheart conversation for personal and professional collaboration and relationships.


Cultivate limitless growth

A coaching program for those who want to master awareness and the Left and Right Brain coaching, using CLUE KIT® Dialogue cards and ABCDE Template. An empowering revelation that helps anyone personally or professionally grow beyond limits.

Change Agent

Build-in change agents

Cultivate internal change agents, who will design and personalise changes that suit each organisation’s context in Train the Trainer Program, with Prana’s ClLUE KIT®, Dialogue cards, and Templates

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