The CLUE KIT® Deluxe set is ideal for promoting better relationships among larger groups, with enough cards for up to 30 players per game. The set is designed to help ease difficult or serious conversations by turning them into a game, creating a relaxing environment to encourage more open, honest conversations. The set can also be used in a variety of different activities, promoting interaction and strengthened relationships within your organization.

Fast Fact

– For 1-30 players (can be played alone)

– Includes three sets of 108 cards, totalling 324 cards

– Increased size from Delight set

– A trained moderator is recommended to facilitate activities

– Duration of game depends on moderator and form of activity

– Template not included. Organizations may design their own activity or purchase supplementary templates for guidance.


Professional Training and Coaching
Allows for coaches/trainers to better focus on their clients by using cards and templates to keep the conversation on track.

Facilitation and Education
Can be used in team-building exercises, as well as promote better learning through collaborative activities

Social Activities
Promote better relationships within your organization by utilizing the cards in a variety of activities depending on the specific needs of your organization.

Organizational Tools
Communicate more efficiently and openly in the workplace. Develop leadership skills and settle conflicts to achieve a more unified team.


The set consists of 3 card sets, each with 108 cards (324 in total)

  • Artist 108 image cards
  • Scientist 108 word cards
  • Querist 108 question cards

This set is designed to cover a wider and deeper array of subjects, designed to be used together with other organizational activities. The set encourages players to set aside differences of opinion and listen, allowing for a smooth and efficient bonding experience for large groups. It can also be used in the same way as the CLUE KIT® Delight, but with more depth.

How To:

Meant to be used in a wide array of activities, this set does not include a guiding Template. Users can include the cards to supplement other activities, or purchase these supplementary templates to use as guidelines:

We also offer public training exercises for those who wish to make the most of their CLUE KIT® products. Join now to get your questions and concerns answered, or to explore other users’ varied experiences with the sets

Price 5000 Baht

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