Used with the CLUE KIT® card sets, the PRANA developed and trademarked ABCDE Model Template is designed to help inspire its players to new goals, and is ideal for professional coaching and/or personal growth for individuals and teams alike. Players can gain new insights into themselves through deeper self-reflection and improvement, as well as realize new aspirations and choices for their future. The template promotes Goal Oriented Thinking, encouraging players to think about their future goals compared to their present status to find the best ways towards progress.

Fast Fact

  • For 1-2 players (can be played alone)

  • An ideal conversation starter. Get to know each other better through guided conversational exercises.

  • Can be used alone to explore new aspirations and self-improvement.

  • Compatible with both the CLUE KIT® Delight and CLUE KIT® Deluxe

  • Facilitates smoother, more focused conversations

  • No solid rules means a stress-free experience, so players can focus on listening to each other without worrying about keeping the conversation going


  • Coaching Ideal for coaching and self-improvement

  • Therapy Mend mental wounds through conversation

  • Self Discovery Better arrange your thoughts for effective self-reflection

  • Human Resources Understand the potential, drive and desires of employees

  • Self Motivation or Group Empowerment Inspire yourself and those around you towards growth

  • Decision Making Explore forgotten or unconsidered alternatives to make the best decision


How To:

Use the ABCDE Model (link to page) with the CLUE KIT® Delight and CLUE KIT® Deluxe sets to create a conversational journey. Converse with yourself or a partner about the provided topics in order from A to E. Each player takes turns answering the question asked before each topic, before each selecting a card and making their own mental connections.

Aspiration Changes you want to explore and/or goals you wish to achieve

Baseline The state of your life right now

Choice Things you can do to get closer to your goal

Decision Out of the choices in C, choose an action to move out of your baseline

Empower Potential motivations that can support you towards your objective

Price 1900 Baht

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