CLUE KIT® Delight

The CLUE KIT® delight is a casual, stress-free card game meant to encourage deeper self-reflection, conversations and intimacy. There are no winners or losers, only the opportunity to learn about new perspectives from those around us as well as ourselves. This is done through the use of images, words and questions that stimulate critical thinking and decision-making, spurring deep conversations that lead to new opportunities for self-improvement and better collaboration with others.


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  • For 1-4 Players (can be played alone)

  • 15 to 90 minute-duration per game

  • Easily portable

  • Includes 3 sets of 36 cards, totaling 108 cards


  • Self-reflection: Gain a better understanding of your own thoughts

  • Friends: Know your friends better

  • Family: Spark conversations with loved ones, like parents

    Colleagues: Become more familiar with colleagues, employees, or work-superiors

  • Organization Tools: Ideal for the purposes of HR, Coaching, and Therapy


CLUE KIT® Delight is a portable set of circular cards, divided into three categories: images, words and questions. Each category includes 36 cards (108 in total). The set also includes a game dice and cloth template to guide players through the game.

  • Artist: 36 Image cards
  • Scientist: Word cards, with 18 each of ‘Challenging’ cards and ‘Inspiring’ cards
  • Querist: Question cards, with 18 each of ‘Challenging’ cards and ‘Inspiring’ cards

Template for the ABCDE Conversation Model and a six-sided game dice

This compact set of CLUE KIT® cards encourages better understanding through conversation. It is meant to invoke the motivations and desires of players, for deeper and genuine conversations, leading to new ideas and solutions in solving life’s problems.


Create a Journey of self-reflection for yourself or a group with the ABCDE Model. Agree on a topic of discussion, then ask each other questions in order from A through E, before turning over a card and making your own associations.

A. Aspirations What you hope to change or answer about yourself. Set goals for progress or achievements in the future.

B. Baseline How you see your life right now

C. Choice What can you do right now to start achieving your goals

D. Decision Of all the choices you came up with in C, choose the one that will allow you to take the first step towards change.

E. Empower What would inspire you to achieve your goal

PRICE: 3,500 BHT.

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