Inspiration Template

The Template sheet consists of two sides, the Inspiration and Balance Templates. This Template is designed to create an enjoyable journey of self-reflection, inspiration and positive thinking, to achieve a better balance in your life.

Fast Facts

  • Compatible with both Delight and CLUE KIT® Deluxe sets.

  • For 1 to 4 players

  • Ideal for creating fun conversations with friends and family

  • Will focus primarily on personal subjects

  • Designed to create inspiration and motivation for a more balanced life


Find the inspiration to improve your present and future by revisiting the past. Recall past achievements, passions and talents to discover new paths for yourself

How To:

Progress through the instructions in order. Each round will consist of a single speaker, who will answer the questions before passing his turn to the next player. The Template is also applicable for personal coaching.

  1. Follow steps 1-7 to retrace your steps from the past into the future
  2. Questions 1-3 deal with the past. What is your happiest memory? Dreams you may have forgotten? What was your proudest moment?
  3. The fourth step asks you to consider your present self compared to the past
  4. Questions 5-7 ask how you can take this knowledge and apply it in your life, how to build upon it, and the first step you can take to make that a reality


Every choice you make has consequences. This Template helps you consider the possible benefits of your choices or desires with the costs, so that you may achieve a more balanced outlook of your life. Also applicable for the uses of personal coaching.

How To:

Follow the instructions in order. Give your honest answer to each question, then turn over a card to make your mental connections. Each player can choose to pick their own card, or the group can agree to use the same card.

  1. What do you want? – reflect on the thing you most truly want, and be specific. For example, each member’s measure of a stable life can be different. One player can wish for peace and quiet, while another wishes for love or respect.
  2. What do you get from pursuing it? – think about the actual benefits of the thing you desire
  3. What do you have to sacrifice to pursue it? – consider the possible consequences of your desires.
  4. What if you can stop wanting it? – if you did not or can not get what you want, how will that affect your life?
  5. What will do you to first to get it? – consider anything you can do to get started

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