Our Philosophy

PRANA believes that the key to understanding others is to first cultivate Self-awareness, a foundation for warm and genuine relationships with others, be it with family, friends, or colleagues. This is achieved through deep and meaningful conversations about things we may have never spoken about, while listening to others thoughts without judgement

PRANA has developed various activities and games that are enjoyable and flexible. There are no winners and losers, only the opportunity for the meaningful exchanges. Our games are also designed to stimulate subconscious thoughts and imagination, opening the doors to new possibilities and forgotten aspirations. We believe everyone can think creatively and productively when given the space to relax and be themselves.

The CLUE KIT® is the product of our desire for all of us to understand each other better. The game is inspired by the Israeli card game Points of You, a conversational card game designed to strengthen inter-organizational communication and relationships. Building on this concept, the CLUE KIT is the result of combining knowledge from researched methods like Enneagram, which helps improve understanding of ourself and others, as well as concepts in Coaching designed to inspire people towards self-improvement and uncover hidden potentials.

The CLUE KIT® is easy to use, and is flexible enough to be used in many different situations. It can be played with family members, colleagues, therapy patients, or even be used in a variety of inter-organizational activities. You can even use the cards and concepts to design activities tailored to your own use.”

Our Founder

PRANA is founded by Priabpran Punyabukkana (Moo), a professional with 15 years of experience working on strategic business planning at Kasikorn Bank. Since then, Priabpran has traveled to Singapore, Australia, USA, Germany and various other countries to spend over 3000 hours studying the various methods and practices involved with self-improvement.

Our Clients​


Success Stories

Serina Tanaka

Business Owner / Gen Y

The CLUE Kit is a valuable tool in Coaching, as I won’t have to worry about what to ask next, allowing me to focus on being a listener, understanding both the things they do and don’t say.

Theerawan Jiwjinda

Executive / Gen X

I didn’t expect that these normal pictures would actually help us communicate better. It’s amazing! Learn, gain new perspectives, and find out the inner thoughts of yourself and others.

Angkanaluk Chongchit

Trainer & Coach / Gen X

The set helps bring out your true inner feelings. I enjoy this set greatly, and have used it in various occasions. Each set contains images, words, and questions that help you crystallize your thoughts.

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