What is CLUE KIT®?

CLUE KIT® is an innovative card game which individuals, teams, organizations, families and communities learn to LISTEN, ENGAGE, CREATE, and DEEPEN CONVERSATIONS that promote greater connection and better understanding. There are no winners or losers, right or wrong answers. It is a game of creativity. Players should open themselves to deep listening, new ideas and viewpoints, so they can appreciate possibilities or reconsider forgotten ideas.


The people around you are filled with fascinating nuances waiting to be discovered, though it can be difficult to strike up a conversation. Making a game out of it removes the pressure, allowing for more meaningful chances to know each other better.


Included in the game are question, word, and picture cards designed to stimulate the exchange of perspectives and spur new inspirations.


Become more intimate with family and friends through the power of deep conversation. Learn to empathize with each other despite our differences to strengthen your bonds.


Simply follow the numbered/lettered steps in a CLUE KIT® Template. Before any cards are drawn, the player should always share their own honest thoughts as instructed by the Templates. Then pick a card and connect to the card to the topics at hand. Refer back to this page to guide you through the enjoyable and insightful game.

Watch Demonstration Video

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CLUE KIT® Delight

A delighful deep conversation maker that foster an understanding and an appreciation of deep conversation, emerging perspectives and diversities from other players.



CLUE KIT® Deluxe

An advance card game for 1 – 30 players. It is flexible and customisable for personal and organisational purposes.


Artist Image Cards

Image cards allow for more imaginative and varied interpretations. Expand your thinking by relying on sub-conscious thoughts and instincts to put meaning to pictures.

Scientist Word Cards

More specific than the Image cards, Words allow for more focused conversations about the topic at hand. However, different feelings may stay arise from the same word. For example, the word ‘Perfect’ can be interpreted by some as success, bringing up positive feelings. However, others may interpret ‘Perfect’ to mean unattainable, a negative feeling. The key is to explore the root of the feelings, to find the meaning behind each player’s differences.

Querist Question Cards

Straight-forward and concise, Questions cards are focused mainly on the finding of answers. Find new points of view by asking questions you’ve never asked yourself. New answers could lead to new solutions.


Customise CLUE KIT® to fit your varieties purposes

Assessment Template

Assessment Template identifies motivations, expectations, and life goals. Suitable for personal and professional use, the Template helps players reevaluate their life, a career path, or even an education plan

Feedback Template

Feedback Template rediscovers potentials and appreciation of past experiences. It helps rediscover mutual needs, adjustment, and improvement for professional growth.

Collaboration Template

Collaboration Template helps with personal and professional communication, genuine exchanges, and an appreciation of each players’s needs. It also enables people in a tangible and practical conversation.

Inspiration Template

Inspiration Template ignites and inspire you towards a rewarding and balanced life.

ABCDE Model Template

ABCDE model is suitable for Coaching, self-discovery, personal and professional development, identifying goals, new potentials, and forgotten or unrecogizables options.

Full Set

Full set: CLUE KIT® DELUXE CLUE KIT® DELIGHT and all five templates with a complimentary durable canvas bag

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