Includes one each of the Template Feedback ME and WE. Ideal for reflecting on yourself or your team, looking back at past experiences to achieve a better mutual understanding between members.

Listening and respecting the feedback and differing opinions from team members is the foundation for an effective and unified team.

Fast Facts

  • Compatible with both CLUE KIT® Delight and CLUE KIT® Deluxe sets.

  • For 2 players

  • Ideal for reviewing the team’s capabilities from past experiences

  • Usable with/for colleagues, employees, friends, counseling, etc.

  • Used to understand the players’ strengths and goals through honest conversations

  • Understand each other’s needs to better adapt and support each other.

  • Express your feelings towards each other to spur growth and change.

Feedback ME

This Template encourages the accepting of others’ opinions through the use of suggestions, to achieve better relationships and teamwork. It focuses on letting players explore their goals, motivation, and potential to achieve progress and growth.

Useful for improving relationships in organizations, families, or even counseling, to better understand each others’ expectations.

How To

The game is best played with 2 players – a listener and a speaker – but will focus mainly on the speaker’s point of view, to give them suggestions on how to grow and improve.

The game will progress in order from steps 1 to 4. For each step, the speaker will answer, before turning over a card and interpreting it according to the CLUE KIT® methods. After that, the listener will share their thoughts. You can alternate roles each step to get suggestions for both sides, or just focus on one person.

  1. Strengths The speaker describes what they believe are their talents, before hearing what the listener believes are the speaker’s strength.

  2. Improvements The speaker describes areas they think they should improve. The listener then shares what they believe the speaker can improve.

  3. Future Hopes The speaker describes their goals and expectations for the future. The listener then says what they expect from the speaker in the future, to create an exchange of views.

  4. Motivations for Change The speaker describes ways in which the listener (or listeners) could support them, or any changes the listener can make that would allow them to better pursue their goals.

Feedback WE

This Template is ideal for exploring another person’s opinions. The players each take turns expressing their thoughts to the other. These thoughts can include things like expectations they may have for each other, or ways in which each side can adapt for better collaboration and relationships.

How To

Players will take turns following the Template’s instructions. These can be opinions or concerns, or even things they expect or want from the other player.

The game will progress through each step in order. This Template is also different from the others, in that it also asks why each player answers the way they do, allowing for more empathy and understanding.

1+2: The strengths of the other player Describe everything you think the other player excels at. Expand on why they excel at it, and why you think it is important or meaningful to them, before letting the other player do the same.

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